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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Goddammit postal Service

There are actually multiple kinds of postal service to be upset about!
Of course the first one is the one that brings your packages and mail, or not if you have a shitty mail delivery person. I'm actually expecting several things in the mail so I guess I'll make this a double postal service post and aww yiss two posts in a day, I'm on a roll!

First the stuff I'm expecting in the mail. A while ago I reserved a dress, matching headbow and sock at the most amazing second hand loli site in world: Closet Child. Even though they don't mark down packages anymore, which is illegal anyway and if your package is lost you'll not be refunded all the money you spent on it, I just love the staff there, their stock is updated frequently and the best part is... they hold your order for a month so you can shop around more and combine the items for shipping. But onto the pictures of the stuff I reserved :D

When our comm had our yearly gift swap meet in January I saw a friend of mine wearing the yellow version of the Sugar Fairy Cake tiered JSK and I instantly fell in love with it. When I saw the stock pictures last year I dismissed the print quickly as ~*sparkle sparkle* not kawaii *sparkle sparkle~ enough for my OTT taste. But everything changed when the fire nation attacked, when I saw it in real life. In the end I mistakenly reserved the sock thinking they were OTK but after some google fu they turned out to be knee highs. Since you cannot cancel (a part of) your order at Closet Child I'll have to make then work because I still think they're super cute! In the mean time I'm hoping Closet Child will add a pair of OTK that match this dress and hopefully other dresses I own.

I also did some ebay shopping and got myself a make-up brush set
And because my cell phone plan is ending this month I renewed it and got a cell phone with it. I decided to go with the little sister of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, the SIII mini because: a. it is cheaper and b. my hands are too tiny for the high end smartphones T^T

Also not really picture worthy stuff I bought: books for college, I was still missing one and if it were up to me I'd still be missing it cause those damn thing are mothafucking expensive, and a Desigual dress.

And now for the other postal service~
It's actually a band called The Postal Service who had a, quite big I beleive, hit with the song Such Great Heights:
Now they announced to play choachella which I am not able to go to because it is all the way in fucking America, Moby is playing there too so I am silently weeping over the fact that I can't see them both. And then they announced more tour dates including ones overseas so I was like FUCK YEAH THE POSTAL SERVICE!!!111!!!1 But everything changed when the fire nation attacked, when I saw they were only going to the UK and France. Hopes were crushed and dreams were shattered. So here I am making a pathetic blog post about it all and bragging about the stuff I bought, a long time ago but has yet to arrive, to make me feel better.

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  1. Hope your package arrives soon, I can't wait to see that dress on you :D