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Monday, March 4, 2013

Ordered stuff is pouring in :D

Last Friday the first things I ordered a while ago came in
And of course that had to happen when I was off to my dads house for the weekend >_>
Actually I didn't know stuff came for me until Sunday when I posted on facebook that my Closet Child order had been shipped, my roommate commented saying other stuff had arrived Friday and that it was safely waiting for me on top of a shelf. So I got up relatively early this morning packed my stuff and went on my merry way back to Rotterdam, picked up the envelopes and opened them :D

The bunny bracelet came in a normal brown envelope but my name and address were written in calligraphy, it was so beautiful!

And of course a picture of the bracelet itself, it's so cute! I think I'm starting to get addicted to Angelic Pretty jewelry, it's so cute and pretty.

And now for the stuff that came with my very first direct from a brand order, it wrapped really well. A bubble plastic envelope, stuff was almost more exciting than the socks and necklace, a small AP shopping bag, the items themselves were also wrapped individually in a paper bag and the necklace had a little box to protect it for bumps along the way to me. Angelic Pretty Paris also included a card thanking me for my order The front features a drawing made by Madame Cocotte who, i believe, owns AP Paris.

I could make out from the pictures of the socks that there were also stars in the pattern but when I had my hands on them I found they used a sparkly thread so the stars have glitter to them! It is such a nice touch, also I had heard that the more recent OTK from AP were longer but hot dayum these things were way longer that I expected. I don't really mind though, I might not have the longest legs in the world but they're still longer that the tiny Japanese legs :p

The unicorn necklace is gorgeous and quite big. It features little gems that make out the stars in the unicorn constellation and there are also lines that connect the gems. I'm really glad I bought the unicorn instead of the ribbon necklace, I'm in love with it!


  1. Great purchases, and I love the card that came with it as well ♥

  2. hoe heb je daar besteld dan? (AP Paris)

    1. Op de blog van AP Paris is een post met hoe je kan bestellen. Je mailt hun een lijstje van de dingen die je wilt hebben, het email adres waar de invoice heen moet en je naam en adres. Het lettertype op de blog nu is niet te lezen maar hier is de link voor de post: