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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Stuff that makes me happy

Because I have been feeling a little down lately
For some reason I haven't been feeling happy lately, I don't really know why. I've been stuck here in Rotterdam without much to do. Yeah sure it is a big city there must be lots to do and that's true but I don't want to do it alone. I guess I've been feeling a bit lonely lately.

But I managed to feel a bit better the past three days because a lot of the stuff I order arrived and I always feel better when I get to open packages :D
When I checked my tracking codes for my AP mook and Closet Child packages this Tuesday I saw they both arrived in customs that day. That was also the day I began fearing for my wallet and the customs charges that I would inevitably be getting for my Closet Child package. For three days the tracking wouldn't update and so I came home from grocery shopping Thursday expecting nothing when suddenly ding dong,  the doorbell rang. Confused as fuck at first because who'd come ringing at the door in the middle of the day, even our mailman comes in the evening for packages so I though it'd be someone who was lost or something. Well I was wrong... Our lovely mailman stood there, handed me one package and told me I had to pay customs charges for the other one. Usually I don;t carry cash on me so I told him I couldn't pay and since we don't have an ATM nearby there was no option but to send the package to the post office. So I ripped open the package containing the AP mook and started looking at all the pretty pictures, I could only look because I can't read Japanese for the life of me. The Sugary Carnival tote that came with the mook has become my favorite small bag to carry around, it's sturdy and small enough to hold a water bottle keys and some other stuff without problem.

Then yesterday I was able to pick up my Closet Child package at the post office but only after 1 PM. Of course I woke up earlier and decided to walk around the kralingse plas, a lake in Rotterdam. I was a beautiful day and the sun was shining so my big coat wasn't even necessary.
Let me tell you: whatever people might say about Rotterdam being an ugly city I love it and when walking around the kralingse plas you really can't deny the pretty view and feel so calm in a big city. Walking there always makes me feel relaxed. The photo doesn't do the reality any justice though!

Too bad the lighting in my room sucks and today's crappy weather made it impossible for me to make any good shots of the stuff that arrived. I do have a shitty picture of everything together so you'll have to settle for that til I can make better pictures. 
All the stuff that arrived now with added ugly, worn out but comfy as fuck shoes!
As I said before I accidentally reserved knee highs thinking they were OTK and I originally planned to sell them when they got here but now I've seen them I'm gonna rock those because they're cute as fuck! And as you can see there are some mint accents in the dress so I wanted to find mint coloured high standing collar blouse to with it. But that is way harder than I thought T^T

And some other things that make me happy:
  • Free stuff when pre ordering Resident Evil 6 on steam. I got Resident Evil 5 for free, an artbook, the original soundtrack and a pass for the coming 4 downloadable content thingamabobs
  • Finding Resident Evil Revelations for the 3DS for only €25
  • Planning the Frock On trip
  • Planning my Sugar Fairy Cake coord even though finding a blouse is a pain in the ass, seriously if you know a place with a mint blouse let me know!

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  1. Aww yeah, resident evil and lolita purchases!

    I hope you will feel happy again soon, and you must know you are always welcome to come and visit me here in Eindhoven ♥( ⌒‿⌒)