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Monday, February 25, 2013

52 week lolita challenge catching up week 2

Oh boy you guys are in for a story today!
For this will be about my very first meet up, I'm sure many have heard the story and others have been there with me. This is a story about cake, a dash of weaboo and suicide. No one in the entire world could have seen this coming and it does make a memorable introduction to the Dutch comm and a formidable story to tell to newcomers.

This tale of the cake of doom is set in fair Eindhoven in 2008 I believe. The preparations for this meet go way back: a dear friend of mine was getting interested in lolita so I suggested she'd go with me to my first meet, she got her first meet and I wasn't stuck with people I didn't know (what if I wouldn't like them D:). I used to have pictures of out try out weekend but it seems I cannot find them anymore, what a shame those pictures were really fun to look at. I do have some pictures of the meet itself so we'll accompany this post by some pictures of my early lolita stages.

The fun started at Utrecht CS, our public transport card wasn't working properly so we had to get paper tickets and because my friend didn't bring her debitcard she had to pay cash. While in line to pay for her ticket some dude lifted up my skirt, said something in a language I didn't understand and walked away. This would be the first WTF moment of the day. And per usual the last preparations for the meet were done on the train on our way to Eindhoven and I was getting nervous. What if they don't like me, what if I don't look good, what if, what if... When we finally arrived at Eindhoven there were already some people waiting there. We said hi and waited for the rest, after a while someone asked if the girl organizing the meet knew if there were more people coming or if all of us had arrived already. Said organizer girl looked funny for a moment and told us she didn't really know who would be coming. At this point in time I was like: well sure shit happens, she probably forgot the paper with all the people coming at home or something. Wrong, she never wrote down who would be coming. Gurllll that's not smart yo, especially when this is your first time hosting a meet up.

After some more waiting we decided that everyone was here and we started walking towards the little park where we would be picnicking. One of the girls said on the forums (remember when it was active, looooong time ago) she made an Alice in wonderland inspired cake with here mom and she seemed really proud of it. I guess we were all curious but by the time the cake was pulled out I can safely say we were all grossed out. It looked like it was melting and well I'll let the picture of the cake speak for itself...
 One of us was brave enough to taste the cake, it was the friends I brought along. She really is too nice for this world, I wouldn't have dared to eat it.

Before we go on I must tell you that the girl hosting the meet up and her two friends are the focus of this story. After some chit-chatting it was time to introduce ourselves as for most of us this was our very first meet.When we got to the group of hostess and friends one of them blurted out something about how 1 out of 10 or something people were autistic and following that logic at least one of us should be autistic. Queue an awkward silence and some wtf looks in eyes of the other guests. We wisely decided to ignore the statement and went chatting and eating the stuff we brought. The group of the three girls and their boyfriends were talking really loud and were noisy in general but the icing on the cake came when they suddenly disappeared. There was a sudden silence as we noticed the noisy girls had disappeared, queue more wtf. When they came back there was a story of how one of them tried to commit suicide by jumping from a bridge in the river nearby. Said river was more of a brook than an actual river so how one is capable of committing suicide there is a mystery to me...

The weaboo-ish part of the story is intertwined with the talking really loudly part. If I remember correctly it was a slur of really inappropriate stuff mixed with general OMG JAPAN IS SO SUGOI!!1!11! shit. And it all ended when the three girls announced they were going away to eat sushi because as a lolita you totemo need to eat sushi right!

Group shot before they left, spot the girls I'm talking about
When they were gone off to eat sushi the rest of us had a blast, too bad Danchelle left before the three girls did. Poor girl only got to experience the bad part of the meet.

Needless to say all the other girls present were all amazing and I love hanging out with them <3 p="">
And now some pictures to end this post, enjoy the early stages of my lolita life!

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  1. I will never forget that meet-up! After they were gone it was such a nice meet-up, I had lots of fun and it was nice to have met you there ^^ And fun to see how different we all looked back then!