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Thursday, February 28, 2013

52 week lolita challenge catching up part 5

Oh gosh impulse buying~
Today is topic 31's turn and it's about impulse buying. To be honest I usually do impulse buying but all the stuff that's on it's way to me now are impulse buyings excluding the Angelic Pretty mook. Out of the stuff that's coming to me the best impulse buying are probably the Dreamy Horoscope necklace and socks just because I've bought them directly from a brand.

I do do impulse buying when it comes to "normal" stuff though and the best impulse buy as of yet is my 3DS. I already knew it was coming and when it did it was too expensive for me to get but then one day after a particular exhausting day of college I decided to roam around the shopping mall near Utrecht central station for a bit and saw a shop that had the 3DS on sale and without hesitation I grabbed it and Zelda and marched over to the counter. I didn't care one bit that there were next to none specific 3DS games at that time I just wanted it because Zelda. Now more than a year later I still don't have that much 3DS specific games but I've finished Zelda several times already!

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