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Friday, February 22, 2013

More stuff coming my way

There's a first time for everything
And this day's first time is me directly buying from a lolita brand. Sure I've bought stuff brand new but that was usually through mFashion or from someone who bought an item, received it and decided it did not live up to their expectations or didn't fit correctly.

So after a long struggle of deciding which necklace I should get, with a not so slight preference for the unicorn one, I sent an email to AP Paris to order the sax unicorn one and some white Dreamy Horoscope OTK. I am giggling like a five year old who just got her new toy, except I'm a 20 year old youn lady who should be busy with writing a paper. BUT OH NO I AM ONE HAPPY MOTHER FUCKER RIGHT NOW!!! But now for some reason paypal isn't letting me pay the invoice so I'm gonna wait for a while and try again. If it doesn't work out I'll shoot another email to AP Paris to let them know paypal is working against me and try to send a payment their way myself. I'm actually really excited to receive these items just because it is the first purchase I made directly from Angelic Pretty themselves, I can't wait for them to arrive :D

Come to me my precious darlingsssss~

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