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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oh god I am a truely horrible person

Yes, I bought even more stuff T^T
Although it does seem like I'm some kind of rich person spending money left and right, I'm really not and I saved up to do this. I don't go out much, I don't buy the expensive food items, I don't buy expensive new clothes (my closet is bursting as is). So that means after a few months I have some money I can spend on stuff I like or need but is otherwise to expensive, like a laptop or a printer.

Let me tell a bit about my family situation, my parents were not the richest of people and when they divorced it only got worse of course. My dad has never been really good with money so he made sure that we wouldn't make the same mistakes he did. My mom is barely above our poverty line as is so she made sure to teach us how she handled her money in hopes we would do the same. For me it has proven very effective. Sure I had my ups and downs, but the big scare with handling large amounts of money came before I moved out or became 21(not that I am 21 at this moment) . 21 is the age when you're really on your own in The Netherlands, according to the law you're an adult when you reach 18 but your parents still have to pay for stuff if you fail to do so. So if you ever catch me making big purchases like I'm doing now know that I saved my ass off the be able to afford it. I guess most of the lolitas are the persons who'll see me spend the most because I tend to save up for meets so I can do stuff like go there, public transport isn't free but a lot cheaper when you're a student, go eat out and maybe buy some stuff if we're going shopping for a bit. This is also why I don't or can't buy stuff brand new, usually it's too expensive.

But I will not bore you with my thoughts on money and stuff and onto the stuff I bought :p
This morning I checked Closet Child as usual, they update every Wednesday and Saturday, and saw they had a Dreamy Horoscope unicorn ring in sax. It was as if it was meant to be, so I put in my cart and added another ring and bracelet.

The star ring and bracelet are both from Chocomint because when it comes accessories I'm usually a cheapskate and don't buy brand. Sometimes I make exceptions though as you must have noticed. I have the star ring also in another colorway and it is probably my favorite. I once tried to get it for a friend of mine but the damn thing in the pink X sax colorway is always sold out...

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