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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

52 week lolita challenge catching up part 4

Lolitafying things in my everyday life
This is gonna be a really short one. I don't...
That's it, I don't really lolitafy things everyday life simply because it is to much of hassle to do so. I might wear a little bow in my hair or wear some jewelry that is lolita appropriate but I don't go running around each day thinking how I can I add more lace to this or how I can lolitafy my book study book about murder.

Try to imagine this, a young lady whose job is to advise the government/an international organization about crime and crime prevention wearing bows and large, chunky, glittery plastic jewelry. It just doesn't work. If I were to wear classic or gothic it might have been different but my field of work requires a bit more professional clothing than my OTT sweet stuff.

That doesn't mean I sometimes sneak in my plastic jewelry, I just love that stuff, but if I do that I make sure I don't have to do a presentation or something were I have to be taken serious.

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