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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Brownies vs. public law lecture

[spoiler] The brownies win [/spoiler]
So usually when I stay at my parents' house for the weekend I go back the day before I have a lecture except when I have a lecture on Monday because on week days I travel for free and in the weekend I don't, fuck yeah Dutch education system, but that was not the point I was trying to make. Since I had a lecture today and not on Monday I was planning on going back to Rotterdam yesterday, guess what in the end I didn't. Reason for that was: I was feeling positively shitty and some nasty shit is happening in my family now which I may or may not write about in the future, I dunno yet.

After an entire day of enjoying myself with Mass Effect I remembered I had to make brownies, see previous post for said brownies, so when I got up at 6 AM my tired brain was thinking of ways to transport the brownies without crushing them and making the text unreadable. Finally I went on my merry way to take the bus to Utrecht when just before we were arriving at the train station I remembered that starting today the bus would make a detour, queue rage in fear of missing my train. Turns out that I actually was way too early at Utrecht CS, I used to take the 07:47 train to Rotterdam but since I was already there I decided I'd take the 07:32 and go all the way to Rotterdam CS instead of Rotterdam Alexander. It went all very smoothly, NOT, you see the NS has a way of fucking up your day in ways you never imagined possible. First of all my train defect and when we finally were on our way we got stuck behind a sprinter, a really slow train of sorts. Much cursing and fuming with anger later I arrived at the T-building to find one of my friends missing. My other friend who did show up was not looking too well and was on the verge of collapsing on the floor of exhaustion, guess who won the game of going to sleep the latest...

The first lecture of the day went surprisingly well and I was actually able to answer some questions, feeling like Einstein now but imagine him as a criminologist, but the along came the second lecture *insert music of doom here*...
Let's just say that the professor while having a really funny accent, she's Flemish when she speaks oh god lols were had, seems to always keep an eye on the three of us in the back or in today's case the two of us. At one point I was talking to my friend and out of nowhere she said, quiet little boy or else I'll put you in the front! Admittedly he is younger than I am, an entire half year :o, but good god we're not in elementary school anymore. Meanwhile we had brownies to eat and you can safely say that the brownies won the war over our already short attention span.

So now I'm home again, unpacked all my stuff, put my dirty clothes in the washing machine, thought about cleaning up my room but decided against it and wrote this blog entry. In my head, in probably in reality, this entire day sounded more fun, actually I wasn't that much fun but whatever. Well except for the scolding and tired as fuck part...

Until next time you guys who did have the attention span and will power to read all of this bullshit!

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