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Monday, February 18, 2013

Derpiwi's bringing back the derp once more

This must be my third or fourth attempt at blogging, I guess the hard part is thinking of stuff to write about. So I decided I will not pre-think the stuff I'm going to write about and just see what will end up on this blog. Sometimes it will be lolita related and sometimes it will be some ranting or other stuff that's on my mind. There's something you guys can be sure of though, it will be silly.

There is one thing that will be featured every week, that is if I can keep it up, derpiwi cooks. You see I have lectures two days a week and motivation to come is really low, so when the new semester began one of my friends somehow convinced me to take popcorn with me. Fast forward to the end of the day and arrangements were made to take turns and bring food for the three of us every day we had lectures.That means every Tuesday or Thursday it my turn to bring something and because I like baking stuff this usually ends with me bringing cupcakes and the likes.

Tomorrow is my turn to bring something and in honor of my fail exam for research methods and techniques I made brownies. Last year I made a bet saying I'd bake brownies if I passed introduction to research methods and techniques thinking I'd never make it out of the exam room alive. But against all odds I passed and had to make brownies, this year I made the same bet quickly changing it into we'll have brownies even if I failed. So without any further ado here are the pity brownies:

While I was waiting for my phone to send that pic to my email I actually thought of some other things to write about this week: I'll write something about Tsunacon where I participated in the Fly Away Fashion lolita show, my recent loli shooping spree, well not really but whatever, and the trouble of finding matching sock for a dress bought in said shopping spree. Now go crawl back up that rabbit hole and live your life or you can, you know, stay here and enjoy the emptiness that is my blog.

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