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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Winter vs. Derpiwi

The fight of the century is nearing it's climax, but who will be our winner! Stay tuned to find out.
As both Winter and Derpiwi are almost exhausted from the long fight that has been going on since November it is finally nearing the end. While Winter used some strong moves on Derpiwi like snowstorm and rain Derpiwi had dodged them all with her special only-two-days-a-week-lecture move not having to step outside for most of the days. But then, a move from Winter no one could have seen coming, the dreadful, the most horrifying move of them all: SICK FRIEND IN COLLEGE!11!!!1

And then he got me... When I woke up this morning I wasn't feeling too well because of a lack of sleep and having to get up earlier than usual. But I'm not the one to complain (ok, now that's some blatant lying on my part) and I got up, did my business as usual in the morning and went on my merry way too the university. When I got there it was rather... empty... in the lecture room and figured nobody wanted to get up early. I met up with some of my female friends, yes I actually have those but the ones that will be most referred to are male, and sat down. All while wondering why my other two friends hadn't shown up. My guess at that time, they just didn't want to go. After a good 10 minutes of sitting in the lecture room with no professor in sight we started wonder where he was, I mean sure the lecture was in a different room that the one we normally have but this was known for a while. Queue an assistant strolling into the room leaning on one of the tables and casually mentioning that "Henkie" was still stuck in a traffic jam near Tiel. If is wasn't for the small spaces behind the desks I would fell down on the floor asking myself why the hell this needed to happen.

In the meantime my headache got worse and worse. While riding the tram home one of my friends sent a whatsapp to the three of us, the ones who bring food to the lectures aka male friends and me, telling us that he had chosen a good day to be sick. Mind you, this was the friend described in a previous post as not looking too well and on the verge of collapsing on the floor of exhaustion. Said sick friend, poor guys but he's probably a-ok, sitting next to me yesterday was probably what pushed away from the safe grounds of not sick into prepare for full blown flu land. So the end of winter is coming and I finally thought I'd make it through without getting sick but along came Winter who said fuck you here have a fever, now go and be all snotty and headache-y!

So I spent the rest of the day contemplating about the Sugar Fairy Cake coord. I still need some shoes and a blouse of some sorts, well not really but I want them anyways.
So I was thinking about getting these DreamV shoes in either white or mint
Because the overall colour of the dress is pink and there are mint and white accents I wanted to play with them. I really love the idea of the mint shoes with the pink lace but if I get those I need to wait for them to be back in stock and I will only be able to wear them with my Sugar Fairy Cake coord, so any advice on this?

And for the blouse, I was thinking of something light and airy so I wandered over to the Forever21 website and stumbled across this blouse. It´s a mint one, I feel that I really want a mint blouse for this coord and if I get one I wanted to make sure I could wear it in real life too so this fitted the bill.
The only thing left to decide on is some new accessories, I want pieces that can be used in multiple coords and it must be as OTT as you can find it. But I´m not having any luck finding pieces T^T

Just a little edit, I just saw on my blogroll that Angelic Pretty Paris has added some items in the sale category so I had to check it out. And what I saw there must have been some good twist of fate cause the dreamy horoscope accessories were on sale! So I guess I pick up a necklace and maybe a ring. But the big question is, what to get D:

Here´s the catch, the only have the sax version of the unicorn necklace and I´m not to sure how well it would coordinate with Sugar Fairy Cake. On the other hand, it is a big sparkly unicorn and the bow is just a... bow but they have a pink bow necklace. So once again any advice is welcome and needed!

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